Metadata Document

The OpenID Connect service is a metadata document that contains most of the information required for a client application to perform the authorization flow. This includes information such as the URLs to use and the location of the service's public signing keys.

The metadata document of CONNECT is a JSON document and its contents are fully described in the relevant specification.

An example of a client application for CONNECT is the following:

  "introspection_endpoint" : "", 
  "issuer" : "", 
  "authorization_endpoint" : "", 
  "token_endpoint" : "", 
  "response_types_supported" : [ "code", "token", "idtoken" ], 
  "grant_types_supported" : [ "authorization_code", "client_credentials", "refresh_token" ], 
  "end_session_endpoint" : "", 
  "userinfo_endpoint" : "", 
  "jwks_uri" : "", 

Every client application on CONNECT is assigned its own subdomain under  For example, is the subdomain that Atypon uses for its own applications and is the URL for the OIDC metadata document for this application.

All OIDC endpoints in the metadata document follow the application specific URL. For instance, for an application using, the authorization endpoint would be