CONNECT is a free Identity Management service that is designed to achieve a more interconnected and productive scholarly ecosystem that offers a simple, unified approach to personal and institutional access, on and off campus.

It simplifies the access to websites and apps you use every day:
  • Less frustration: Instant authentication on all participating sites.
  • More privacy: You decide exactly what personal data is shared, and with which sites and applications.
  • Account consolidation: You can link your institutional, personal, and social accounts to a single identity.
  • Convenience: A CONNECT account stays with you throughout your education and career.
  • It’s free!

CONNECT does not grant access to sites, services or content, but seamlessly authenticates users across all participating scholarly websites and applications, linking them to the systems that do.

Your CONNECT profile is a one-stop shop to manage your scholarly identity, including your privacy and security settings, institutional membership(s), ORCID and any other accounts you have associated with your CONNECT profile. Your CONNECT dashboard is accessible from your account on any participating CONNECT scholarly website or application or directly through scienceconnect.io.