Data processing

All data collected and processed by CONNECT are used exclusively for authenticating you to the participating scholarly publishing websites and applications you have authorized to access your profile.

Connecting a user profile with an additional scholarly publishing website or application has the same effect as creating a new account for that website or application. The main difference is that you don't have to set up an account from scratch and worry about maintaining multiple credentials. You only have to connect it to your existing profile.

Data processing FAQ

How can I access and manage my user data?

All user data that CONNECT collects and processes are available in your CONNECT dashboard.

What happens to my data when I revoke access to a participating website or application?

Data that have been previously shared with this website or application are not deleted unless you explicitly select to from the relevant webpage of said website or application. Additionally, your CONNECT account remains active as long as it is connected with at least one participating website or application.

What happens to my data if I delete my account from a participating website or application?

The account and all user data are deleted and your CONNECT profile is also deleted unless it is connected with additional participating scholarly publishing websites or applications.

What happens to my data if I delete my CONNECT account?

Deleting your CONNECT account from within the Account & Privacy page results in the deletion of all of your data and connections with any participating websites and applications.