Edit your account settings and permissions

Review and adjust your privacy settings.

  1. Under the Account & Privacy area of your dashboard in My Profile, click Privacy settings.
  2. Adjust the permissions to suit your needs.
    • Record account activity: Controls the feature that records account activity and logs all actions performed by your account, such as when you logged in, changes to your sign in options, devices that were used, etc.
    • Automatic creation and renewal of institutional memberships: Allows CONNECT to keep a record of your IP addresses in order to automatically add and renew your institutional memberships.
    • Institutional membership usage: Allows your CONNECT account to associate with your institutional memberships.
    • Marketable profile: Allows the use of your email address for marketing communication related to CONNECT.
    • Searchable profile: Allows your profile to be searchable by users of collaborative applications such as Manuscripts that are members of the CONNECT network.
    • Demographic data usage: Allows the applications of the CONNECT network to access your demographic information and enjoy a more personalized experience.