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Personalize your experience by adding your personal and demographic information.

This information is shared only with the applications that you have authorized to access your profile. You can also provide demographic information that will help make your experience more personalized.

Edit your personal information

  1. Click My profile.
  2. Edit your First Name and Last Name. Both fields are mandatory.
  3. Update your avatar:
    • If this is the first time you are adding an avatar:
      1. Click ADD PHOTO +.
      2. Select a photo from your device.
    • If you have changed your avatar in the past:
      1. Click EDIT.
      2. Click Upload Photo.
      3. Select a photo from your device.
    • Remove your avatar:
      1. Click EDIT.
      2. Click Remove Photo.
  4. Add your demographic information such as your Country, Research area, Work role, and Language.
    Note: URLs cannot be entered as part of user's name and other text fields.
You have successfully updated your personal information!