CONNECT 22.13.0

Release date: 4 October 2022

New features

  • User roles can be managed at an application level as opposed to customer level. Introduces roles for ReX admin user access to Insights.
  • New profile page to support theming is introduced

Bug fixes

  • Updated the functionality of the marketing tag on Literatum to be based on the user's marketing consent per customer.
  • Fixed a bug when synchronizing roles from one app, all roles from all other apps are removed.
  • Fixed a bug that sent toast message for adding a new email does not appear.
  • Fixed a bug that Privacy policy and Terms of Service links opened in the same page instead of a new one.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sporadic login errors.


  • When users cancel their sign-up during the registration confirmation, they are redirected back to Literatum instead of the registration confirmation page.
  • "Paste or type" tooltip for inserting an email verification code closes after 3 seconds of user's inactivity.