CONNECT 24.5.0

Release date: 8 January 2024

New features

  • Support of Passkeys is introduced as an additional sign-in option with all existing options, including passwords. New users are able to set up their Passkey during registration while new and existing users can add new passkeys or manage existing ones through their profile settings.
  • A new user profile security feature is introduced that requires users to reauthenticate (through password entry, email verification, one-time codes, or passkeys) when initiating profile changes with potential security implications, such as managing their password or email address.


  • Fixed a bug that the password error message was starting with the word "Error:".
  • Fixed a bug that users were redirected to login page when visiting CONNECT domain.
  • Fixed a bug that sign-in page displayed a sign-up link for ACWS.
  • Fixed a bug that renewing institutional affiliations was not working in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug at My devices section when logging in from publisher's site.
  • Fixed a bug that Registration confirmation and Passkey forms did not auto-focus in the confirm button.
  • Fixed a bug regarding Sendgrid's email validation API during sign-up.


  • The registration flow is updated with three key steps (Identity Verification, Profile Completion, and Registration Confirmation) to provide a simpler and more welcoming user experience. The onboarding experience is more personalized and user-centric and users are more in control of their information.
  • User profile pages are restructured to simplify profile viewing and performing common profile management tasks. All essential user profile attributes including name, email, and password have been consolidated to a single My Profile page with an updated dashboard that is easy for users to locate and manage.
  • The recent activity functionality is updated to become more stable and to provide the option to filter the activities by Activity type, Published, and Date range.
  • Customer name is added in the marketing consent checkbox.
  • The dropdown for connected sites is updated to show the current site first and indicated with an animated bullet. The rest of the sites are shown alphabetically and by clicking a site name, the user navigates to the selected profile, always to the dashboard/home.
  • The order of social login button in the login/registration page is changed.
  • The password hint in the Complete your account step of the registration flow is changed from "At least 8 characters" to "Use a non-common password with at least 8 characters".
  • When creating a new CONNECT account and Literatum does not provide a user preferred language, the browser's language is selected by default.
  • Default color that is used for actions, links, tabs etc. is changed for accessibility reasons in order to be possible to use blue links with grey backgrounds.
  • Several accessibility improvements are released.