CONNECT 23.2.0

Release date: 6 February 2023

New features

  • User profiles can be merged upon request. Please note that user merging invalidates CONNECT user IDs that may be used bu other applications.
  • Enable user profile branding for all customers.
  • Primary email address can be set in the sign-in options page.


  • Fixed a bug that the email address validation was case sensitive.
  • Fixed a bug when users decline consent on CONNECT and return back to the publisher site, their session still exited on CONNECT.
  • Eliminate unnecessary authorization page to connect for new users.
  • Fixed a bug that the migration page for multi-application domains didn't display the list of applications for that domain.
  • Fixed issues arise from incompatible data left between releases. CONNECT now uses different caches when a different version is deployed.


  • URLs cannot be entered as part of user's name and other text fields of the My profile dashboard. Users with URLs in the name field were deleted.
  • When the name and email of a user are updated in CONNECT they are also updated in real time in Literatum via an API.
  • CONNECT third party library and components (such as databases, redits etc) are upgraded for stability and to avoid vulnerability and deprecations.
  • Database performance improvements.
  • Theme branding is supported upon customer request.