CONNECT 24.3.0

Release date: 21 August 2023


  • Fixed a bug that Info and Visit website link at Institutional access page were not visible.
  • Fixed a bug that primary email background color at My devices page was not the desired.
  • Fixed a bug that info icon at the burger menu for mobile was not on the same line as the text.
  • Fixed a bug that drop-down menus at My profile page were not working in iOS devices.
  • Fixed a bug that the colors of the buttons at the dashboard were not as designed.
  • Fixed a bug that Country and Language selection drop-down menus were not closing after selection of an option.
  • Fixed a bug that privacy policy and terms of service links in the confirmation page were showing even if not provided for a publisher.


  • Sites & Applications page is now redesigned.
  • Publisher logos of different types and sizes are now supported.
  • Accessibility improvements for color contrast in texts.
  • When deleting the value of a required field the message that displays is changed to "Required" from "Invalid Input".