CONNECT 24.2.0

Release date: 26 July 2023


  • Fixed a bug when authorization requests include sessionMode equal to transient, a regular session was created instead of a transient one.
  • Fixed a bug that devices do not appear at My devices page.
  • Fixed a bug that admin sync in admin tool was not working properly when assigning an admin role to a user.
  • Fixed a bug that the error message for password verification does not appear if an error occurs more than one time.
  • Fixed a bug that when an existing institutional email is added, the error message does not appear.
  • Fixed a bug that CONNECT favicon does not appear when a user visits sign ib page for the first time.
  • Fixed missing translations for French and Spanish languages.
  • Fixed a bug when moving to last code filed during keyboard navigation.
  • Fixed a bug that ORCID id cannot be added to user's profile.
  • Fixed a bug that Register Confirmation page was appearing with incorrect text.
  • Fixed broken institutions logos.
  • Fixed a bug that password error message disappears and does not display again after a second error input.
  • Fixed a bug that id attributes values of active elements were not mandatory unique and when dupicalted cause accessibility violation.


  • First Name and Last Name fields are now mandatory.
  • Users that forget their password are prompted to set a new password for the first login after the email verification.
  • The primary email is now used for marketing communication for users that have enabled it.
  • Feature flags for controlled release of new features to specific groups of users are introduced.
  • Unused indices are removed.
  • New branding option for different customer logo types is supported.
  • Accessibility improvements for images with inappropriate text descriptions and controls/widgets without an accessible name despite having a visible label or text. ,
  • Enhance the support of OIDC logout endpoint on CONNECT with state parameter .
  • Improvements to the profile dashboard to make email/ORCID management more visible.
  • Auto-focus is added for input fields at Password setup and Add institutional email pages.
  • Users land on previous page after a success state instead of an info message appearing.