CONNECT 24.6.0

Release date: 5 February 2024

New features

  • PIPL is now available. It is disabled by default and must be enabled per customer.


  • Fixed a bug that emails created using the admin app are set to be unverified.
  • Fixed a bug that adding ORCID from Sign in options page was redirecting the user to Dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug related to the search functionality of the Publisher filter in Sign in activity page.
  • Fixed a bug that email was missing from the sent verification code toast message.
  • Fixed a bug that new websites link in institutional access page was appearing in the middle.
  • Fixed a bug that auto-complete was not working in add email and email verification pages.
  • Fixed a bug that back button in Change Password page was missing translation.
  • Fixed a bug that toast messages were appearing under profile cards.
  • Fixed a bug that ORCID in profile page could be removed without confirmation popup.
  • Fixed a bug that Back button on change password page always redirected the end user to the password page instead of the starting point.
  • Fixed a bug that Add your ORCID iD link didn't work on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug that connected sites in the burger menu didn't land directly to the connected sites tab.
  • Fixed a bug that the delete account link didn't open passkey verification directly.
  • Fixed a bug that the message to connect to websites with institutional access appeared even when no other sites were available for such access.
  • Fixed a bug that the links in the Sites & Apps page didn't open in a new tab.
  • Fixed a bug that settings update toast message Title and state was not translated.
  • Fixed a bug with removing ORCID when session cookie is removed.
  • Fixed several UI design issues. , ,


  • The arrow icon for Clear all button was changed to "X" icon.
  • 30 items appear in Sign in activity page before the Load more button displays.
  • Name parsing is updated to allow using multi-parts names.
  • About CONNECT link in Help dropdown menu now opens in a new tab.
  • Delete account link now appears only in the personal info page.
  • Manuscripts are removed from Publisher's applications page as they are no longer valid for CONNECT.