CONNECT 24.1.0

Release date: 4 July 2023

New features

  • Single entity endpoint is introduced, allowing publishers with more than one applications to use the same CONNECT subdomain from all their applications.


  • Fixed a bug that Research area and Work role are optional fields and the user should be able to delete content entirely.
  • Fixed a bug when changing or adding emails to sign in on CONNECT, the WAT identity at Literatum side was not updated automatically and o log in with the new email was required.
  • Removed the phrase "to continue to CONNECT" from the login/registration form for users visiting CONNECT directly and not through a publisher.
  • Fixed a bug that an external role to a user cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Twitter is removed as sign up/sign in method.


  • Birth year field is removed from the UI and cleaned-up from users that have set it.
  • DEMOGRAPHIC paragraph is removed. Country selection and Language preference fields are changed to Country and Language respectively.
  • When deleting one of the names "Required" appears instead of "Invalid input" during the validation of the required fields.
  • SessionHistory collection is dropped.